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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids/Everyone
::: by V. Subhash :::

At over 3200 jokes, this is one of the biggest jokebook ever. In terms of original jokes, it seems to be the biggest or second-biggest jokebook. All jokes are child-friendly and family friendly.

2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Everyone
2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Kids
Assures2020 original jokes
Contains3100+ jokes in total2200+ jokes in total
ContainsFull bookTwo-third
Targets20 and aboveAges 10-19
Politically hotIncludedNot included
EbookWill not be published
The older subset 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone is available separately for FREE at several ebook stores: It includes several of the hottest 'politically hot' content. A paperback option also exists for $4.99.
Paperback price$14$11

What's in the book

From the back cover: