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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids/Everyone
::: by V. Subhash :::
☻ Biggest book of original jokes with over 3000 kid-safe jokes and no 彡 or (‿ˠ‿) humour
☻ All traditional joke types (everything from bar jokes to medical jokes)
☻ Super-sharp political & satirical humour
☻ Largest number of breakup jokes (romantic jokes) across species and professions
☻ Some new never-before-seen joke formats and types

At over 3100 jokes, this is the third biggest jokebook. In terms of original jokes, it seems to be the biggest or second-biggest jokebook. All jokes are child-friendly and family friendly.

2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Everyone
2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Kids
Assures2020 original jokes
Contains3100+ jokes in total2200+ jokes in total
ContainsFull bookTwo-third
Targets20 and aboveAges 10-19
Politically hotIncludedNot included
EbookWill not be published
The older subset 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone is available separately for FREE at several ebook stores: It includes several of the hottest 'politically hot' content. A paperback option also exists for $9.90.
Paperback price$12$12

NOTE: You can pay with Indian rupees for the paperback at If you go to Amazon India, choose the lowest price option there as they have some third-party sellers who sell at exorbitant prices.

What's in the book

From the back cover:


This note is on the back cover of the 'For Everyone' paperback:

This book satirizes everything. Political correctness is not an exception. But, remember, this book is child-friendly and family-friendly. So, the blondes in the blonde jokes eventually trump Chuck Norris. (Chuck Norris asked me to write them.) Ethnic jokes are not racist jokes. Confucius-say jokes are squeaky clean. (They are directly based on Mel Blanc's Zookie original.) Romantic jokes are actually breakup jokes and are totally devoid of mushy stuff.

Book-Read Video

The jokes begin at the 20-minute mark. The audio had to be removed because of some problems but there are subtitles for the entire duration.

Book-read video



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