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Ólafia L. Óla's
Favourite Traditional
Nursery Rhymes

Book cover

The political correctness pandemic has caused many nursery rhymes to be rewritten or eliminated altogether. This illustrated children's book has 50 popular English nursery rhymes in their traditional form.

These songs have stood the test of time and this FULL-COLOUR LARGE-PRINT book makes it easy for kids to learn them.

Bonus content includes a few Aesop's fables, jokes and word ladder puzzles from my other books.

PaperbackAmazon$11, £9, €9

If you cannot buy the book...

You can download this free PDF ebook that I had assembled using the same rhymes but with images from Our Old Nursery Rhymes (1911), Real Mother Goose (1916) and Denslow's Mother Goose (1901). These books were popular for several decades but seem to be forgotten now.

Please remember that kids need to sing the nursery rhymes using traditional tunes. Many publishers compose new tunes that extinguish their old glory. To be sure, download and listen to the songs in this Librivox recording. You do not have to sing exactly like the sisters in the recording but just ensure that you do not deviate too much.

24 pages, full-color, includes TOC, 2 MB