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A Really Traditional Alphabet Book

For kids practicing reading and writing | With bonus jokes and puzzles

Covers of 'A Really Traditional Alphabet Book'

This children's book bundles

The alphabet book uses the same words that have been traditionally used to teach young kids. Young preschoolers can practice reading and writing the English alphabet with this book. The jokes and puzzles are of course new and sourced from my books 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids and World of Word Ladders.

There are 32 colour pages of real content in this 34-page book.

Colour paperbackAmazon$7
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Free Sample PDF eBook

Because of the book seller's restriction on including public domain content, I am unable to provide my collection of traditional nursery rhymes with their original illustrations. However, they are included in this PDF sample of my paperback. Feel free to download and print the pages.

24 pages, full-color, includes TOC, 2 MB

This sample is a low-resolution watermarked PDF but it is fully functional. The pages containing the nursery rhymes are full-resolution and not watermarked.