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About this site's content management system (CMS) that is still in development

FreeTweetor is another blog on this site. It is a microblog fashioned after Twitter. The difference betwen this blog and FreeTweetor is just the template. (Both blogs are powered by SqlSiteServer. SqlSiteServer is this site's Javascript-free CMS. It is still in development.)

In future, all SqlSiteServer blogs will be able to read RSS feeds from any website including on other SqlSiteServer-hosted websites. SqlSiteServer blogs require very little hosting space while maximising the use of server-side scripting (for downloading RSS from other sites) and client-side Javascript scripting (for displaying the article or tweet titles).

SqlSiteServer will be available as FOSS quite soon.

  • About SqlSiteServer *
    • Manages several websites on a localhost webserver o Written in PHP, which can be hosted on Apache or IIS on a local system o Uses SQLite - a tiny database natively supported by PHP and requires no special server-side installation or configuration
    • Generates static HTML pages that contain only HTML and a limited amount of page-level Javascript to ensure quick loading by the browser and search engine bots. o All JavaScript (.js) and CSS stylesheet (.css) files are dynamically loaded by the page-level Javascript. o The page-level Javascript also lazy-loads all images and videos. The images and videos are loaded only when the visitor scrolls down to them - less load on the server.
    • Uploads generated static pages to Internet-facing webserver (remote server) using dynamically generated FTP scripts.
    • Can generate state page content written in MarkDown or HTML
    • Can include dynamic scripts (such as ASP, PHP, python or perl) and will not process them. o Dynamic scripts are meant to be run by the remote server for absolutely dynamic content requirements such as form processing, database processing and visitor logging.
    • Requires no Javascript on localhost
    • Each website can support multiple blogs with RSS support.
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