How to create 3D book covers using GIMP for Amazon KDP ebooks

This blog post is for self-publishing authors. At the end of the video, you will see a glimpse of my ebook creation/editing process.

  • Add the front and back covers on Gimp.
  • Align them exactly to the middle.
  • Flip one of them and LOCK them both
  • Place guide lines where the far edge of the cover will be.
  • Use perspective tool to move the corners to the interior guide lines.
  • Remove the locks.
  • Flip the previously flipped layer and move it to the left.
  • Create a background layer (above the covers) for the spine, preferably using the background color of the front cover.
  • Add text layers for book name and author name.
  • Apply rotation to the right to the text layers and merge them on the spine.
  • Duplicate this layer and flip the duplicate.
  • Lock both spine layers.
  • Add guide lines and apply perspective on the original layer. The flipped duplicate layer will also be affected.
  • Remove the lock.
  • Flip the flipped spine.
  • Position the spine next to the covers.
  • Add a transparent layer above the spines.
  • Select the non-alpha regions of a cover and intersect it with a selection on the new layer over the edge of the cover near the spine.
  • Apply white-to-transparent shadow using gradient tool in the selection.
  • Add another transparent layer.
  • Similarly, select non-alpha regions of the spine, select a region over the edge of the spine near the cover and apply a shadow.
  • Disable guide lines.
  • Adjust the opacity of the two new layers until the 3d look looks best.
  • Save and export.

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