'Vastu Shastra Explained' book published

Full-color paperback!

Woman reading 'Vastu Shastra Explained' paperback

My book Vastu Shastra Explained paperback has been published. I have included six sample Vastu-compliant house plans (for traditional Kerala-style houses) in the book. In two paperbacks, an English translation of an abstract of Vastu Vidya has been added as annexure. They have 50 pages in total and 40 pages of actual content. Without the translation, the paperback has 36 pages in total and 24 pages of actual content.

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Paperback (colour) Yes 50 -NA- $10 £9.00 €9.00
Paperback (colour) No 36 -NA- $7.77 £7.77 €7.77
Paperback (grayscale) Yes 50 -NA- $7.00 £6.00 €6.00
Kindle ebook No 36 ₹222 $3.00 £3.00 €3.00

* An English translation of an abstract of Vastu Shastra found in the public-domain off-copyright Matsya Puranam is included only in some editions of the book.

The ebook is also available on other digital stores such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd and Vivlio. The ebook can also be borrowed for a fraction of this price from public and school libraries.


Table of Contents

  • Chapters
    • Sources of Vāstu Śastra
      • History of Vaastu Devata
    • Vāstu Śastra recommendations
      • Vāstu Mandala chart
      • Main entrance
      • Rooms
      • Trees
    • Other Vāstu Śastra considerations
      • Room dimensions
      • Five elements
      • Directions
      • Central area
    • Modern Vāstu interpretations
      • Kubera position
      • Water sources
      • Workplace
      • South-West corner
      • Staircases
      • Slope of floors and pipes
      • Bathroom and toilets
      • Septic tank
      • Ambiguous/conflicting interpretations
    • Non-Vāstu considerations
  • Annexures
    • Traditional Kerala-style house plans
    • 4-BHK Vāstu house plan for East-facing plot
    • 3-BHK Vāstu house plan for North-facing plot
    • 3-BHK Vāstu house plan for West-facing plot
    • 3-BHK House plan for South-facing plot
    • Naalukettu (four-sided) house plan
    • Two-storey tiled house with thattil
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