Like YouTube's KDP coaches, ‘problematic’ booktubers are preying on authors

Social media ‘activist’ grifters posing as bookworms seek traffic and followers by labelling authors as ‘PROBLEMATIC’.

In a previous blog post, I had mentioned how Youtube's shyster KDP coaches were taking advantage of depressed economic conditions and tricking amateur authors into spending thousands of dollars on courses, editors and graphic designers and then telling them to recoup the money by spamming print-on-demand services with no-content and low-content books.

Youtube and other social media sites have another set of grifters. They are targeting successful authors. By 'successful', I mean authors whose books have been bought by a traditional publisher and those who have some level of name recognition. It does not mean the author in question is able to earn a living solely by writing (as that rarely happens).

These shysters are not bothered by such nuances. The more popular the author, the more shock and outrage they can generate, and more traffic they can get. That seems to be their calculation.

Problematic Authors

I found that the wokesters have successfully or unsuccessfully cancelled several authors and put them on ‘PROBLEMATIC’ lists. I have not read fiction for more than two decades so most names were new to me.

  • JK Rowling: I hate this woman because there was a quiz writer in Young World supplement of The Hindu who spammed the questions with one about her famous books. I never read her books and I always got 9/10.

    I do not know if this resentment carried on when the movies started appearing on TV. The boy looked stupid. He always had a scared expression on his face and I would immediately change the channel.

    The reaction of the rest of the world was exactly opposite. They bought all the books, saw all the movies and acquired any book- or movie-related merchandise they could get their hands on.

    The outrage mob cancelled Rowling because she asserted there were only two genders. Her publisher continues to back her. The movie studio and the actors have tried to dissociate from her while continuing to make money from old/new movies based on her books.

    The offended booktubers say they will continue to have the books on their shelves but will not buy any more of Rowling's titles.

    Rowling was perfectly fine when Christian conservatives thought she was glorifying/normalizing witchcraft. Salman Rushdie was fine when Islamic conservatives got upset. Now that Muslims are required to fight the West's clandesine wars in Middle East and Africa, support for Salman Rushdie has lost its fervour. Alex Jones was encouraged by Google (under NDAs) when he was destroying other conspiracy theorists.

  • Stephen King: I read his car-ghost novel Christine and found it interesting. I then read the scary-clown novel It. This was a big book. Towards the end, I skipped several pages and went straight to the ending. I missed nothing.

    I have seen the movies Pet Sematary and Carrie. Despite all the tears, Carrie was worth the trouble because it made a parody movie Bloodbath At The House Of Death much more fun. This movie has Vincent Price but the best part is when they make fun of Carrie.

    This author almost got cancelled recently when he said talent and skill should be the criteria and not race. He quickly retracted his statement and allowed himself to be ‘educated’.

    He remains uncancelled but he is definitely on all the lists of problematic authors.

    Incidentally, he was the only one who came in support of Brian Stelter after CNN (now under Discovery+Warner management) cancelled his low-rated show on the low-rated network.

  • Sara J Maas: I have not read her books but she is very popular on Booktube. She got into trouble because she supports Israel. Hating someone for supporting Israel is now popular because Muslims and Palestinians are the new best friends of the fickle mob. Earlier, you got into trouble if you did not support Israel. (This should be bittersweet for Israelis and their supporters because they were the initiators of cancel culture in more ways than one. Israelis support sanctions on Iran but consider Israel boycotts 'anti-Semitic’. Another twist in this wrinkle is that this term has been appropriated by Jews because the class Semitic people would include Palestinians and other non-Jewish residents of the Levant.)
  • Dr. Suess: I heard about this guy after he was cancelled. Apparently, he is very famous in the US. The dead man got into trouble for some racis cartoons.
  • Enid Blyton: I have read several of her books. She also has some vague allegations of racis against her.
  • HP Lovecraft: He was open in his dislike of Blacks. He wrote a lot of comics. He remained poor all his life. The comics seem impressive. I have not read them yet. He has had a strong influence on the horror genre spanning comics, books, TV and films.
  • Mackenzie Lee: I looked into the rabbit hole because of her. Or, rather some booktubers who mentioned her as problematic. The allegation against this author was particularly unusual. She was accused of signing books written by other authors. It turns out that the author worked at a bookshop (apparently writing was not paying enough or she just liked books that much) and she only signed when customers (who recognized her) asked her for an autograph. She signed wherever the book buyers asked her to sign. When they posted photos of the autographs, the online grifter-gatekeepers found something they could sink their teeth in. They hid the actual circumstances of the signatures and went gangbusters with claims that she was intentionally disrespecting alphabet soup authors. The concerned authors believed this trumped-up charge or decided to take advantage it, and then started complaining to their followers on suicidal mania. Some of their followers contacted the bookshop over Twitter and asked about the authors' complaints. The bookshop's reply was… to appropriate a term often used by these creeps… was EPIC. They asked, ‘DID TOLSTOY SAY SOMETHING’! (Ha ha ha ha ha ha… What a burn!) This infuriated the outrage mob further. The bookshop later asked what the author should do if a book buyer wants an autograph in a book (not necessarily hers). Should she refuse them? The wolves would not let go.

There are several lists of such authors. Most of the transgressions of the dead authors were the products of the times they had lived. I laughed out loud when I read the crime that William S. Burroughs had committed — MURDER! (I thought he was the author of the Tarzan stories.)

Problematic Booktubers


These online grifters are campaigning that readers should not buy books written by authors whom they have labelled as problematic. This is because it is difficult ‘separate the art from the artist’, they say.

I say that they are absolutely right. I do not buy books written by reptilians (Leftists, Communists, Socialists, Liberals, feminists, globalists, war-mongers, wokesters…). It is well within the rights of book buyers and anyone recommending books to promote or reject books. If I do find some unique value in a book, I will buy a book irrespective of whatever repulsiveness I may feel of the author.

What is wrong is saying that authors whom they have determined as having committed wrongthink should not even be published. Everyone should have the means to articulate their views, good or bad. There should be a marketplace of ideas and the public be allowed to judge their merits. Bad ideas should be allowed to die a natural death. Instead, the gatekeepers are committing premeditated murder. These are hitjobs.

Otherwise, those who are determined to have their say heard will find some other illegal way to do. The Unabomber is an example. Are we ready to deal with a Unabomber every day? Conspiracy theorists vocalize what ordinary people suspect is happening. They rage against the system for the rest of the population. They take out the pressure in the system. If you ban them, someone somewhere will lose hope in the system and destroy things or kill human beings to get themselves heard.

Most online grifters are just blindly repeat what other grifters are saying. They do not seem to have all the facts. I did a search for "problematic authors" and found a bunch of videos. One of them specifically targets MacKenzie Lee and in the middle of a long video, the video creator lists her actual crimes. So, what wrongthink did Ms. Lee commit?

I think it was her fault for drawing the attention of the alphabet soup people by writing a novel pandering to their shifty tastes. They initially liked her stuff but on a whim they decided to pile on her. One of her transgressions was that she dead-named the lead character in her novel. Yes, she used the birth name of a transformer in HER OWN WORK OF FICTION! No real living person got hurt but for nutjobs walking on eggshells all the time, this indeed was a crime.

The wokesters are also claiming that a writer should not even create a fictional character if she did not belong to that particular protected species. For example, a White author should not write from the perspective of a Black person. I did not realize that Black authors never wrote White characters. If race is just a social construct (their own definition), why have these restrictions?

The wokesters seems to forget this is fiction. Did the woke paranormal fantasy writers ever become werewolves? Did the woke sci-fi authors ever become aliens? At the least, they should have been abducted in a UFO and probed in the rear!


All Black people are the same. They have no variety. They are a stereotype. Blacks are so one-dimensional that among millions of them in America, there is not even one person who will have the individuality that matches the imagination of a White author. This is what you are claiming? Wow! What low expectations! This is the definition of bigotry! YOU WHITE WOKESTERS ARE ALL RACIST BIGOTS. For harbouring such bad thoughts in your tiny brains, I think you should immediately seek forgiveness.

Problematic USA, Problematic UK…

White wokesters living in these countries should leave. These countries have been problematic in the past; they are problematic now; and they will be PROBLEMATIC IN FUTURE IF YOU CONTINUE LIVE THERE.

If problematic books should be abandoned, these PROBLEMATIC COUNTRIES SHOULD ALSO BE ABANDONED.

  • Canada — PROBLEMATIC
  • Australia — PROBLEMATIC
  • New Zealand — PROBLEMATIC
  • Former European colonial powers — PROBLEMATIC
  • NATO members — PROBLEMATIC

Many of these states are not countries, they are colonies. COLONIES ARE PROBLEMATIC. How can you White wokesters live in a COLONY?

Journey to Antarctica

Mere land acknowledgements for indigenous communities by White wokester settlers and descendants does squat. It is just lip service. They should quit these colonies. You are the spawn of aggressors, invaders, imperialists, slaveholders or however you call it. Leave these colonies. They are problematic. If you stay in these problematic colonies, every second of your life will be triggering you.

Do not come to the Third World. Our fragile economies cannot stand the weight of your stupidity. ANTARCTICA. That is the place you should go. Just do not talk to the penguins. They mate for life. If they listen to you, they will also become an endangered species. You have already caused enough damage to the viability of human races. Spare the animal world in your new as-yet uninhabited non-problematic destination.

How can wokesters complain about really silly things such as cartoons, names, labels, clothes and even cooking recipes when their woke political leaders are bombing Third-World countries and looting oil and other minerals. In the nearly 250 years that it has existed, USA has been engaged in war for over 220 years. Only a handful of those wars involved a foreign state attacking the USA. In all other wars, the USA was the aggressor.

How can these booktubers and wokesters not consider the country they live in problematic? Did not Obama, Hillary Clinton and Biden participate in the bombing of Africa? They funded and armed Al Qaeda terrorists all over the world. Never forget how Obama sent the military to Haiti and locked down the airport while the Clinton Foundation decided which of their state-side friends/donors should get the contracts to build LUXURY HOTELS and CONFERENCE HALLS when the need of the moment was paying local Haitians for temporary shelters and field hospitals. The UN chief said all aid money went to the Clinton Foundation and they had no role to play. Friends of Clintons though were willing to PAY TO PLAY. Ask any Haitian. They hate Obama and the Clintons.

Where was your NSA, CIA and FBI when all these fraudsters were lining their pockets? Because they are also on the take!

CIA cash to Al Qaeda

For decades, the US military and three-letter government agencies have been engaged in drug smuggling into the North America and Europe. The US has the highest prison population (over 2 million) in the world and most of the inmates are Black. This means that one in every three Black men in the US is destined to go to jail because of this drug smuggling problem.

NYT report about CIA drug smuggling

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are big profiteers from the private prisons industry that uses Blacks as modern-day slaves.

Bill Gates is also a big investor in pharma companies. They conduct vaccine clinical trials in India and other undeveloped countries without obtaining informed consent.

Times of India report on deaths of women from HPV clinical trials

Bill Gates and some of his officials made a secret deal with several government officials in Telengana. Then, thousands of tribal schoolgirls staying in government hostels were given experimental HPV vaccine injections. Several fell ill and died. The tribal girls were staying in government hostels because their parents were poor and illiterate. The consent forms had thumbprints or were signed by hostel wardens.

The US Department of Justice obtains gag orders on drug smuggling cases involving US government officials and the US media meekly complies. This reporter who ignored the orders died under mysterious circumstances. His death was ruled a suicide despite the TWO SHOTS TO THE HEAD FROM A REVOLVER. 😉

NYT report about reporter accusing CIA of drug smuggling

Investigations into the drug smuggling business of the US government have not been very successful.

NYT report about investigation into CIA drug smuggling

The US government agency tasked with foiling drug smuggling was also engaged in drug smuggling along with the US Defense Department.

Chicago tribune report about DEA-DoD collusion in drug smuggling

The CIA, Defense Department and several prominent hospitals have been engaged in illegal experimentation on humans.

New York Times report about CIA-DoD collusion in human experimentation

US, Canada and UK have been experimenting on civilians for decades.

New York Times: Murder of government scientist

The government officials involved in human experimentation have never been punished, even when they had murdered a colleague.

New York Times report about Frank Olson murder

Under Obama, the FBI somehow managed to FOIL A TERRORIST PLOT EVERY SIX WEEKS.

New York Times report on FBI's own terrorist plots

Actually, there was no real plot. The Obama FBI targeted Muslims just because they said something anti-American in some online chat room. When they could not find gullible Muslims, they targeted mentally ill individuals.

Every six weeks, the Obama FBI would enact this drama about a home-grown lonewolf terrorist plot and gush about it in the media. In reality, these fake terrorist plots would not have taken place without FBI's initiative and planning. The crimes committed by the alleged terrorists was just nodding and doing whatever the FBI operatives had advised them to.

Obama gave military-style weapons to police stations across the country.


So, wokesters, this is how it is with YOUR COUNTRY. It is not just PROBLEMATIC. IT IS PLAIN EVIL!


As long as you live there, you will elect evil warmongers like Obama, Hillary Clinton and Biden. You will promote the enslavement of human race.

Photo of letter

You celebrate your own enslavement and complain about others who do not.

Pages from Bertrand Russel

OBAMA BOMBED AFRICA TO STEAL… LIBERATE ITS OIL. You wokesters are co-conspirators in the bombing and looting. By supporting Obama, Clintons and Bidens, you are worse than Nazi collaborators. The Nazi collaborators had no choice in the matter. You do it intentionally.

Your country (or rather Obama) gave $1 billion to Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. Your military general said they managed to train six or seven terrorists out of that money! Your media complains when someone like Trump tried to stop it.

Obama funneled money to Al Qaeda groups in Syria

Your government is run by some of the worst human beings in the world. You enable crimes against humanity by supporting warmongers like Obama.

US diplomats smuggle bioweapons

If you leave the USA, BIPOCS will have more opportunities and less killings/jailtime. There would also be less war, less illegal immigration and less brain-drain-causing emigration.

So, do the right thing. Quit.

BTW, the New York Times says they are in search for fake news. What is happening over there? They do not read their own paper?

New York Times tweet for fake news

All the screenshots and links in this section are from my 400-page 149-cartoon annotated FULL-COLOUR book. Every cartoon is backed by screenshots and references mainly from mainstream-media news articles. The reviews have been expectedly over-the-top ecstatic.

  • Hillary Clinton

    "This is pure Indian propaganda!"

  • New York Times

    "This book is full of lies, mostly sourced from our newspaper and other mainstream media sources."

  • CNN

    "This book may have more fake news than CNN but it is not the quantity that matters."

Your media is full of war-mongers and terrorist sympathizers. I may have modified the screenshots for brevity and satire/parody but all the MSM article references are real.

Thomas Friedman questions why Trump is fighting ISIS

Look at the rank incompetence of the people chosen to cover national security — New York Times on what virtual machines are.

New York Times on what virtual machines are

I did not know I was dabbling in defence tech, NSA. Please do not shoot me!

It is not without good reason that former president Obama asked you to #LearnToCode, you nanobrains of the NSA and your comrades-in-arms in the media.

Obama asks journalist to learn to code

Dear authors

I really do not blame the 'problematic' booktubers. They

But, authors who prey on other authors, shame on you! As it is, being an author is difficult. Do not add to the problems and ultimately defeat your industry pals. Do not trash other authors. Do not use them as a stepping-stone for your own success. A White-skinned author has as much difficulty as any other. Do not be driven by jealousy.

It is difficult to get recognized among the crowd but attacking other authors is not the the way to do it. One day in future, some other shameless author will attack you. The swarm of online grifters who are on your side today will turn on you if they see an opportunity. They are fickle as hell. They believe in the latest thing. If they did not participate in groupthink, they themselves will be cancelled.

The reason for your lack of success is not racism. It is economics. If there is demand for your stuff, publishers will beat a path to your door. Not all readers can be made to like negativity and depressing material. Readers already have plenty of problems.

The woke booktubers will say they bought books by painters but they would not have really enjoyed it. If you listen to them closely, they would have confessed somewhere that they just buy cheap romances written by no-name authors with predictable mainstream characters.

Black booktubers are exploiting the murder of George Floyd to gain subscribers. Black authors, do not fall into the same trap. Do not write only about Black people and Black issues. Guilt-tripping Whites has a limited market. You would not be able to sell it Blacks so forget about Whites. Even the wokester Booktubers do not say they buy all books by a Black author because they enjoy them very much. Not one Black author. Their condescending attitude is all too obvious. They say they read a Black author as if it was a big sacrifice. They are obviously not reading for pleasure. They are forcing themselves.

Do not embrace every divisive political theory espoused by the Left. Write to entertain all Americans. Write to entertain the world if you can. We are not that different. Be proud of your race but practice ‘anti-racism’ yourself. Do not paint yourself into a corner. Leave the Democratic plantation. The Left seeks to enslave your race forever.

Video Notes

I compiled this video using one FFmpeg command. The input videos were downloaded from the Internet using my GreaseMonkey browser script. Some things that I did new was:

  • Using 7 input files: That many videos or images. 17 AV stream pairs were concatenated.
  • Using backgrounds using the color filter: I used to use images for backgrounds. The color filter that I used had an alpha (transparency value) so that the AOC video behind it would show through the color.
  • Duplicating streams using split filter: I also learned that a filter output label can be declared once and used once. That is, a labelled filter ouput stream can be used as an input stream for another filter only once. If you want to use a label (the filter output stream) more than once, you need to use the split filter.
    • The split filter created a few redundant streams in the output file. This is very unusual. FFmpeg is very crabby about unused streams and labels so this must be a bug. There is a simple fix for it. Use -map option to -codec copy only those streams that need to remain in the output file. The unmapped streams were dropped.

ffmpeg -i ./clips/Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez-meets-Garbage-Disposal-Video-compositing-or-overlays-using-FFMPEG.mp4 \
       -i ./clips/JM-ARLEN-AUTHORS-BEHAVING-BADLY.mp4 \
       -i ./clips/yes-mackenzi-lee-is-problematic.mp4 \
       -i ./clips/US-wars-in-Middle-East-are-for-oil-Obama-confesses-before-UN-General-Assembly.mp4 \
       -i ./clips/Screenshot-from-yes-mackenzi-lee-is-problematic-tweet1.png \
       -i ./clips/Screenshot-from-yes-mackenzi-lee-is-problematic-tweet2.png \
       -i ./clips/White-Authors-Don-t-Define-What-s-Scary-Racist-Side-of-Commercial-Thrillers-cc.mp4 \
       -i ./clips/People-Of-Colour-vs-Politicians-of-Convenience-Who-are-the-super-predators-now.mp4 \
       -filter_complex \
        [0:v:0]setdar=dar=16/9, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS,fps=24, scale=s=nhd, split=5[aoc];
        [aoc][co1]overlay, split=8[ab3][ab5][ab7][ab9][ab10][ab12][ab14][ab16];
        [0:a:0]asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB, asplit=8[a3][a5][a7][a9][a10][a12][a14][a16];

        [1:v:0]trim=start=7:end=12, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, split=2[v1a][v1b];
        [1:a:0]atrim=start=7:end=12, asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a1];

        [1:v:0]trim=start=57:end=62, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, split=3[v2a][v2b][v2c];
        [1:a:0]atrim=start=57:end=62, asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a2];

        [ab3]drawtext=textfile=text3.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v3];

        [1:v:0]trim=start=305:end=325, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, colorize=hue=60[b1];
        [1:v:0]trim=start=305:end=325, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, crop=w=420:h=20:x=220:y=110:exact=1[c4a];
        [b1][c4a]overlay=x=220:y=110, split=[v4a][v4b];
        [1:a:0]atrim=start=305:end=325, asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a4];

        [ab5]drawtext=textfile=text5.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v5];

        [2:v:0]trim=start=120:end=184, setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, split=2[v6a][v6b];
        [2:a:0]atrim=start=120:end=184, asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a6];

        [ab7]drawtext=textfile=text7.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v7];

        [2:v:0]trim=start=\'00:04:04\':end=\'00:04:49\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24, split=2[v8a][v8b];
        [2:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:04:04\':end=\'00:04:49\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a8];

        [ab9]drawtext=textfile=text9.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v9];

        [ab10]drawtext=textfile=text10.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v10];

        [3:v:0]scale=s=nhd, fps=24[v11];

        [ab12]drawtext=textfile=text12.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v12];

        [2:v:0]trim=start=\'00:05:44\':end=\'00:06:00\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24[v13a];
        [2:v:0]trim=start=\'00:08:30\':end=\'00:09:22\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24[v13b];
        [2:v:0]trim=start=\'00:09:54\':end=\'00:10:18\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24[v13c];
        [2:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:05:44\':end=\'00:06:00\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a13a];
        [2:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:08:30\':end=\'00:09:19\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a13b];
        [2:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:09:54\':end=\'00:10:18\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a13c];

        [ab14]drawtext=textfile=text14.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=24:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v14];

        [6:v:0]trim=start=\'00:04:56\':end=\'00:06:01\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24[v15a];
        [6:v:0]trim=start=\'00:07:24\':end=\'00:08:56\', setpts=PTS-STARTPTS, fps=24[v15b];
        [6:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:04:56\':end=\'00:06:01\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a15a];
        [6:a:0]atrim=start=\'00:07:24\':end=\'00:08:56\', asetpts=N/SAMPLE_RATE/TB[a15b];
        [v15d]crop=350:300:80:0, pixelize[v15f];

        [ab16]drawtext=textfile=text16.txt:font=Poly:fontsize=16:x=(W-tw)/2:y=(H-th)/2, fps=24[v16];

        [7:v:0]scale=s=nhd, fps=24[v17];

        [v1][a1][v2][a2][v3][a3][v4][a4][v5][a5][v6][a6][v7][a7][v8][a8][v9][a9][v10][a10][v11][3:a:0][v12][a12][v13][a13][v14][a14][v15][a15][v16][a16][v17][7:a:0]concat=n=17:v=1:a=1[v][a]" \
       -map '[v]' -map '[a]' \
       -y  pix_fmt yuv420p \
       -s nhd -crf 21 -preset medium -tune film \

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
  vlc toxic-booktubers.mp4 &

In summary

Morons have been weaponized to create controlled narratives. No independent thought is to be allowed so that the globalist kleptocrats can steal everything and turn everyone into slaves.

Whether you are an author, booktuber, reader, wokester or grifter, DO NOT become an unwitting participant in the Divide-n-Rule games played by globalist kleptocrats. You are an idiot if you do.

Wokesters, I do not expect you take my recommendations literally because I know you are all crooks. You know what you are doing is wrong. You pretend to be woke because you lack self-esteem and love it when you can guilt-trip others who are better than you. If however you do genuinely believe in the vile philosophy, then what is stopping you from taking it to its logical conclusion (Antarctica)?

I leave you with this message from my 2020 jokebook.

This jokebook has a free version. It has almost all the political jokes from the For Everyone version. Educate yourself.

2020 Jokebook

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