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  • I chose the name Ólafia L. Óla because it is difficult to imitate and it also contains ‘laugh’ and ‘LOL’.
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2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone

'2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone' book

The 2020 jokebook has the best one-liners ever written by one author in English. It has over 3100 jokes spread over three parts.

Part 1 (For Learning) is for kids. Part 2 (For Fun) and Part 3 (Only for intellectuals) are written for all ages. They provide hedonistic enjoyment of humour and also contain some extremely sharp political/satirical humour. Part 3 is clearly marked with warning signs to prevent accidental 'triggering' of sensitive adults. All jokes are family-friendly and child-friendly. No (‿ˠ‿) humour.

2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids

Mockup image of the 2020 jokebook for kids

This is a subset of the 2020 jokebook with only 2200 jokes. It has all of Part 1 (For Learning) and some non-political jokes from Part 2 (For Fun) & Part 3 (Only For Intellectuals).

400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone

Book photo

This was the first installment of the 2020 jokebook with 470 jokes when I wanted to test self-publishing. It has been retained as an ebook sampler. The paperback option provides less value for money compared to the final 2020 jokebook but it has almost all of the 'politically hot' jokes.

Book images

Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg

FFmpeg books

FFmpeg is THE BEST software to easily create, edit, enhance and convert audio and video files. It is a free and open-source command-utility available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg is THE BEST book for an extensive FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and quick reference. It is richly illustrated with color screenshots, code examples and tables to help you work with audio, video, images, animations, fonts, subtitles and metadata like a PRO.

Colour paperbackAmazon (USA)$44.99
Colour paperbackBarnes & Noble (USA)$44.99
Colour paperbackSpringer (Free worldwide shipping)$44.99
PDF ebookSpringer (worldwide)$29.99
Colour paperbackBookswagon (India)₹2500

CommonMark Ready Reference

Mockup image of the Commonmark book

This is the first book ever written on CommonMark, the new MarkDown standard.

CommonMark is replacing Markdown as the de facto standard for low-markup text. CommonMark hit the ground with a well-defined standard from Day 1 and is set to replace and overtake MarkDown. and other sites have already adopted it. CommonMark is MarkDown done right. It is highly compatible with the original MarkDown and resolves most of its ambiguities. This book provides a tutorial, hacks collection and a ready reference for the new standard.

Learn To Ride A Motorcycle In Five Minutes

Mockup image of the 'Learn To Ride A Motorcycle' book

Of course, you can learn to ride a motorbike in five minutes! For most of my life, I did not know how to ride a motorbike. But, when I had to do, it took me only five minutes. On my first ride on my first bike, I travelled nearly 100 kilometres, across two cities and one national highway. Acquiring the skill takes less than five minutes and honing it will require a few weeks of practice.

Vastu Shastra Explained

Mockup image of the Vastu book

Vastu Shastra Explained is a plain-English Vástu Śastra building-architecture guide for those who wish to draw their own Vastu-compliant house plans. The book does not upsell Vaastu as a panacea for all ills nor does it portray Vastu as the Indian Feng Shui. Instead, it presents Vastu as a collection of time-tested best-practices in Indian building architecture.

The ebook can also be borrowed for a fraction of the price from many public and school libraries.

A Really Traditional Alphabet Book

Covers of 'A Really Traditional Alphabet Book'

This children's book bundles an alphabet book (with a writing work area on each letter page) and a jokes-and-puzzles book. The alphabet book uses the same words that have been traditionally used to teach young kids. Young preschoolers can practice reading and writing the English alphabet with this book. The jokes and puzzles are of course new and are sourced from my book 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids.

Email Newsletter Strategies For Profit

Book cover of 'Email Newsletter Strategies for Profit'

This book not only explains how to create user-friendly email newsletters but also helps you improve email deliverability, organically grow your mailing list, understand industry-standard best-practices and apply practical troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Animalia Humorosum by Ólafía L. Óla

Book cover of 'Animalia Humorosum'

This is an illustrated children's storybook based on Aesop's Fables. The stories have been made more believable by changing the ending with a humorous twist. The book is a large-print edge-to-edge colour paperback with a glossy cover.

Ólafía L. Óla will henceforth be my pseudonym of children's books. The ebook options are for parental review. I publish only paperbacks (not ebooks) for children.

World of Word Ladders by Ólafía L. Óla

Book cover of World of Word Ladders

This series of word ladder puzzles books currently has two volumes.

The Devil's Dictionary (Illustrated)

Book cover

Is there a better gag gift than the Devil's Dictionary? This 2020 illustrated version of the text-only original (1911) by Ambrose Bierce has contemporary illustrations and the neat easy-on-the-eye look of any new dictionary (modern fonts, two-column pages, starting/ending words on every page).

Dictionary Of Indian English

Book cover

The Dictionary Of Indian English, in its first edition, is a glossary of English words or phrases that have been invented in India or have meanings that are different from the ones specified in dictionaries published in the West. Currently, it has around 400 words. In future editions, it will become a full-fledged dictionary.

Ólafía L. Óla's Favourite Traditional Nursery Rhymes (Illustrated)

Book cover

The political correctness pandemic has caused many nursery rhymes to be rewritten or eliminated altogether. This illustrated children's book has 50 popular English nursery rhymes in their traditional form.

How To Invest In Stocks, 2nd edition

Book cover

This is a plain-English guide to investing in the stockmarket. It assumes that you do not know anything about how stocks, company law, finance or commerce. It has some useful 'extra' information that you will not find in any investment book and no business school will teach you. Mere book knowledge about stockmarkets will not help you understand the markets. Markets are influenced by news and information (there is a difference). This completely revised expanded second edition continues its original premise with up-to-date information.

Cool Electronic Projects

Book cover

This FULL-COLOUR paperback is a collection of 20 electronics projects for students and DIY hobbyists. The projects are simple, low-cost, daily-use, recycling, survivalist and fun.

Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks

Book cover

This is a tips-and-tricks collection for Linux command-line warriors. Because of its ancient history, BASH scripting has some odd programming constructs that are difficult to memorize. This book also tries to provide a ready-reference for such archaic but crucial details.

How To Install Solar

Book cover

This is a heavily illustrated 2021 how-to guidebook for anyone interested in installing solar power systems. It starts with a simple introduction to home electrical systems, proceeds on to describe various aspects of solar power and options available for home owners, and then provides step-by-step instructions for installing a low-cost DC-only solar charge controller system for ₹6000 and a solar inverter system providing AC power backup for ₹30,000. Also included is an extensive FAQs section based on questions and reviews published by solar power users online. The paperback is a full-colour book and is extensively illustrated with drawings and tables.

The Tall Tales Of Elephant & Ant

Book cover

The 2020 jokebook has an entire chapter devoted for a set of new Aanayum Urumbum jokes. That chapter has been made into this full-colour paperback with some new illustrations.

PC Hardware Explained

Book cover

The oldest article on this site has been updated and rolled into a book! This is the best illustrated guide to PC components in 2022. If you want to assemble your own desktop or if you are planning to buy a new laptop or desktop, read this book first.

Unlikely Stories

Novel cover

This is my first fiction book. It is an anthology of horror and comedy stories woven around a very funny love story.

How To Cure Common Cold

Book cover

Common cold is not something you need to go to a doctor for. In young healthy individuals, it will resolve on its own. However, common cold does make one very miserable. In this book, I have described several palliative techniques that I have successfully tried to treat the symptoms.