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WARNING: This app may be very buggy. I have no plans to update or fix it.

CellTowerTracker is a free Android app that can provide location identification services using cell tower IDs. It does not require wireless, GPS or mobile data connections.

Cell Tower Tracker app for Android

On some phones, it can display Cell Broadcast System (CBS) messages sent by cell phone service providers. CBS messages usually identify the location. You may have seen CBS messages in old Nokia phones. You need to manually activate it in Android phones. Some cell phone providers use it for advertisements and it may be more of an annoyance than a useful service.

It is particularly useful during night travel in trains and buses. You need to first record cell towers when you approach or leave an area. Then, whenever you are journeying to the area again, you can set an alarm for it. The phone will alert you when it finds cell towers that were recorded earlier.

In newer phones, Lollipop and later, this app may not work at all as Google had changed the cell locations APIs and phone manufacturers are not required to add firmware support for those new APIs.

Download & Installation

You will have to first enable installation of non-store apps from the Android menu:

You can then download and run this APK installer. After completing the installation, you should disable the above setting.

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