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Cool Electronic Projects

★ Simple ★ Low-cost ★ Daily-use ★ Recycling ★ Survivalist ★ Fun

Book cover of Cool Electronic Projects

If you are learning electronics or thinking of it as a future hobby, this FULL-COLOUR book has some fun projects to begin with. They will not waste your time or money, will be extremely useful (particularly in emergencies) and are quite easy to make. Just one of these projects uses AC (alternating current). The rest work on DC (direct current) and are safe for kids (if you think soldering is safe). These projects are good for the environment too, as they reuse electronic parts that would have been discarded. If you are a survivalist, then you will be happy that all the projects will run off-the-grid, as they can consume renewable energy. For the tinkerer, there are projects that add MORE POWER than what the manufacturer had provided. For the parent of lazy children, there are annoying alarms that can wake up the dead. Everything is explained in plain English. No exotic projects or obscure concepts. Simple and straight-forward.

Colour paperbackAmazon$12
EbookAmazon₹100, $4