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The Devil's Dictionary (Illustrated)

★ Written by Ambrose Bierce
★ Illustrated by V. Subhash
★ Looks like any new dictionary (modern fonts, two-column pages, starting/ending words at the top of every page)


Ambrose Bierce

I first read about Ambrose Bierce and his "devil's dictionary" in the Young World Saturday supplement of The Hindu newspaper. That was back when I was in school. More than a decade ago, I came across an all-text version of the dictionary on the Internet. To make it more usable, I compiled it into a PDF ebook. In 2020, after I started publishing books as a real author, I decided to illustrate the book. It will be available for sale soon. The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce is a great repository of brutally frank and unusually cynical descriptions for popular words and phrases in English. Initially, it appeared piecemeal in his California newspaper and was later compiled into a volume in his collected works. He was a writer of supernatural stories in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe. His stories were published in two volumes: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians (1892) and Can Such Things Be? (1893). The last we know of him was when he travelled to strife-torn Mexico in 1913. The Devil's Dictionary remains his most famous work.

Illustrated 2020 Version

Book cover

This illustrated 2020 version by me:

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Free PDF Sample

This sample is a low-resolution watermarked PDF but it is fully functional.

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