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Email Newsletter Strategies For Profit

★ Create user‑friendly newsletters  ★ Ensure deliverability  ★ Improve click‑through rates ★ Grow and nurture your mailing list  ★ Learn industry‑standard best‑practices  ★ Valuable tips and tricks

Book cover of 'Email Newsletter Strategies for Profit'

An organically grown mailing list is an invaluable resource for your business. It is your own network. You need to nurture it like a baby. In this book, you get practical lessons in creating user-friendly newsletters. You also learn about industry-standard best-practices to ensure that your emails reach their intended audience and transform into increased sales and profits.

ExecutiveSpecifically, you learn to ensure email deliverability, improve click-through rates, implement industry-standard best practices, pick your battles, and choose the best resources. Also learn valuable tips and tricks to defeat spammers and troubleshoot problems.

This book explains complex issues in plain English but does not shy away from providing practical and technical solutions that you can suggest to your Web and marketing teams.

There are 33 pages of real content in this 40-page book.

eBook (Print replica)Amazon$4
The paperback version of this book is available on Amazon India from a third-party seller at an exorbitant price. It is not really worth it. Do not buy it.