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for Android/Linux/Mac/Windows

This software has become obsolete.

I used to blog mostly by email a few years ago and found it quite a chore to copy-paste the title and URL to Twitter manually every time. I created this app so that it would automatically correct the title casing and remove hashtags when posting to the blog and retain them in my tweets. Hence, the name EmailTweetor.

What is EmailTweetor

EmailTweetor in action

EmailTweetor is a free Twitter client that is available in two versions - Android APK and Java JAR. The Java version can be used on GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows. EmailTweetor, like any other Twitter client, can tweet with text and images. It can break up long messages into multiple tweets and string them up as replies to one another. It can also delete, favorite, re-tweet and reply tweets. In Android, it can forward the same content to email, blogging and other "sharing" apps without the need for re-typing. In the Java version, it does not do any emailing or sharing; just tweeting, replying, retweeting, favoriting and deleting. However, it is much more powerful and can be used in used in automation tasks such as shell scripts and software programs.

NOTE: If you want to read tweets, use my Subhash TweetsToRSS app, which generates rich RSS feeds and clutter-free web page results for Twitter accounts, searches and hashtags. It is also available for all of the above-mentioned operating systems and like all my apps is free and without annoyances like ads or tracking.


Download and installation (Android)

You will have to first enable installation of non-store apps from the Android menu:

You can then download and run this APK installer. After completing the installation, you should disable the above setting.

for Android (0.5 MB)

Before you can use EmailTweetor app, it will have to be authenticated with This requires you to generate a PIN from and provide it to the app. (The PIN is not the password to your Twitter account. Do not provide that to EmailTweetor.) When you start the app for the first time after installation, it will open a Twitter login page. (There is also a button to open the Twitter page in an external browser.) Login to your Twitter account, authorize EmailTweetor and copy the PIN that Twitter generates for you. Paste the PIN in EmailTweetor and your installation will then be authorized by Twitter. This authentication is a one-time requirement. If you ever lose your Android device (in which you had authorized EmailTweetor), then login to and revoke access to EmailTweetor.

Download and installation (Linux/Mac/Windows)

EmailTweetor for Desktop is operated from the console, which is known as Terminal in GNU/Linux and Mac, and Command Prompt in Windows (cmd.exe). This version is extremely powerful and hence use it with care. It can be operated interactively and automated using command-line parameters. This makes it very useful as part of software processes that require tweeting capabilities - shell scripts, batch programs, server-side applications and automation servers. For example, if you are monitoring your website with a daemon/service, you can automatically notify yourself and/or your host with EmailTweetor when the sites goes offline for some reason.

EmailTweetor for Desktop screenshot

The desktop version is a Java application. You need to have OpenJDK or Oracle Java already installd before you can use the JAR file. Linux users can install OpenJDK directly from their OS software repository. Oracle Java is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

  Command: java -jar emailtweetor.jar [options] [URL/files/account]

  Options: authenticate, tweet, retweet, favorite, delete, trolls,
           follow, unfollow, block, unblock, mute, unmute
      URL: Address of one tweet
    Files: Locations of up to 4 static images; one animated GIF image;
           or one text file - with "tweet" option
  Account: A Twitter account that you want to follow/block/mute/un...
   Trolls: For a list of followers. For accounts you troll, use TweetsTo-

     Info: In Gnu/Linux or Mac, press Ctrl+d key combination to finish
           a message.
     Info: In Windows, press the F6 function key to finish a message.
      Tip: To reply to a tweet, include its address in the URL
           - with the "tweet" option.
      Tip: To retweet/favorite/delete a tweet, copy and paste the full
           expanded address of that tweet.
      Tip: Use the "delete" option to delete a tweet or undo a
      Tip: To prevent bash from caching the command in history,
           prefix a space to the java command.
 Required: A eTwit.bin file/link should be in the current
 Required: If you have not created the eTwit.bin file, use the
           "authenticate" option.
  WARNING: Do not misplace this eTwit.bin file, as it can be used to
           tweet and delete on your behalf.
IMPORTANT: If you misplace the eTwit.bin file, revoke access to
           EmailTweetor after logging to
More Info:

Download emailtweetor.jar
for Android (1 MB)

Before you can use EmailTweetor app, it will have to be authenticated with This requires you to generate a PIN from and provide it to the JAR program. (The PIN is not the password to your Twitter account. Do not provide it to EmailTweetor.) When you use the "authenticate" option, it will open a Twitter login page. Login to your Twitter account and generate a PIN. Enter this PIN in EmailTweetor and your installation will be authorized by Twitter. The authorization details will be stored in a file called eTwit.bin. Ensure that nobody else has access to this file. If you think it may have been compromised, then login to and revoke access to EmailTweetor.



EmailTweetor is available with thanks to the developers of:


EmailTweetor is free for personal use. If you use it for a commercial purpose, please consider a donation of ₹500(INR)/$5/€5 for, a charity organization started by some of my friends. It runs a free school and orphanage in Tamil Nadu, INDIA. Please also contribute to the Twitter4J project and the Apache Software Foundation.