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Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg

An easy FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and ready‑reference

FFmpeg books

FFmpeg is THE BEST software to easily create, edit, enhance and convert audio and video files. It is a free and open-source command-utility available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg is THE BEST book for an extensive FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and quick reference. It is richly illustrated with color screenshots, code examples and tables to help you work with audio, video, images, animations, fonts, subtitles and metadata like a PRO.

This book begins with a simple introduction to FFmpeg executables — ffmpeg, ffprobe and ffplay, and explains how you can use them to process multimedia containers, streams, audio channels, maps and metadata. It then describes how you can easily edit, enhance and convert audio, video, image and text files. There are dedicated chapters for filters, audio, subtitles and metadata, as well as a big collection of FFmpeg tips and tricks. Sample lists of FFmpeg filters, encoders, decoders, formats and codecs are also available as appendices. The book is richly illustrated with screenshots and syntax-highlighted code snippets, all in 𝓕𝓤𝓛𝓛 𝓒🍅𝓛🍅𝓤𝓡. It is based on the latest Long Term Support (LTS) version of FFmpeg.

Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg is for anyone who needs to edit or process multimedia files including studio professionals, broadcast personnel, video content creators (such as Youtubers), podcasters, librarians, archivists and webmasters. It will be indispensable for those wanting to process a variety of multimedia files from the command line and inside shell scripts.

You will learn to:


Colour paperbackAmazon (USA)$44.99
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Colour paperbackSpringer (Free worldwide shipping)$44.99
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Sample pages

This sample is a low-resolution watermarked PDF with pages from both books. Also included are updated annexures and my book backlist (with no watermarks of course ;-). The annexures contain ffmpeg output for the options -codecs, -formats, -filters, -encoders and -decoders from Windows and Linux OSs.

87 pages, full-color, watermarked and low-resolution. (2 MB)

The book published by Apress will not look like this PDF. (Read the release announcement.) Unlike other authors (who use Microsoft Word), I write my books in CommonMark (MarkDown) and output them as PDF using a bash script — starting with the very first line. As I also design my own covers, I had created replica Apress covers for this PDF.

Pages from the book

These are real pages from the paperback published by Apress/SpringerNature in 2023. (The animation is low-resolution to conserve file size.)

List of Contents

Extra Resources — Source code

The list of commands used in the book is available in this text file:

Extra Resources — Video demos

Stop wasting hours on expensive timeline-based video editors such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro! Most video-editing tasks REQUIRE LESS THAN 5 MINUTES USING FFMPEG. (Rendering time not included.) FFmpeg can create almost all kinds of complex videos with fonts, animations, subtitles, overlays, transitions, etc. From the command line! Using just one command! FFmpeg! No problem!

Acknowledgements & Thanks

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Some other videos that I have created using FFmpeg

Companion book

FFmpeg is a command-line program. If you are going to use it a lot, then you might as well become an expert at the command-line. Here is is one of my other books that will make your terminal time more fun and easy. The ebook is FREE and the paperback is syntax-highlighted in FULL-COLOUR.

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