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Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg
::: by V. Subhash :::
An easy FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and quick-reference

Quick Start Guide to FFmpeg bundles an easy FFmpeg tutorial, hack collection and quick reference. With this FULL-COLOUR paperback (also available as ebook), you can quickly learn to use the free command-line utility ffmpeg to cut, copy, record, edit, tag, convert, rotate, flip, resize, crop, combine, compose, blur, sharpen, smoothen, side-by-side split, PIP inset, fade in/out video files... You can also learn to process audio, images, fonts, subtitles and metadata.

The book is a novel attempt to bring this great software program to the masses. It uses powerful learning cues to make concepts clear and interesting to the reader. It is neatly designed and richly illustrated with code, screenshots and tables. Check the ebook or the excerpts PDF document (scroll down) to see what I mean.

The 2020 version of this book, FFMPEG Quick Hacks, has become temporarily unavailable. A new updated version is being brought out by a popular publisher of computer books. It is expected to be available in Q3-Q4 2022.

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What you can expect from FFMPEG Quick Hacks

Overall, the book can be used as an FFmpeg tutorial, a hack collection and a desk-side reference.

About FFmpeg

You can read the article 'Cool FFmpeg Tips and Tricks' that I wrote for Open Source For You magazine some years ago for an easy introduction to FFmpeg. You can then buy my book for more.

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Videos for the code examples in the book

The following videos are available in this online video playlist.

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