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V. Subhash's
Hot Pudina Rice

When I created this dish, I wanted it to meet three important criteria. The dish had to be

  1. Very easy to prepare.
  2. Second to none in terms of nutrition, taste and aroma.

To cook Hot Pudina Rice (HPR), you need a steam pressure cooker. A pressure cooker minimizes the loss of nutrition and aroma. A pressure cooker cooks faster and is also more fuel efficient than an open vessel.

HPR takes its name after Belle Bisle Baath (BBB), which is popular in Karnataka. BBB translates to Hot Dal Rice. HPR also uses toor dal but its main ingredient is pudina leaves. It does not require tamarind. HPR also requires vegetables (any combination - avoid watery vegetables such as tomato or cucumber but this decision is up to you), spices, urad dal, and some oil. The great thing about HPR is that when the rice is cooked, it is almost ready. The number of utensils that are left to be clean is also very small. It is ideal for those who are living alone but don't want hotel food.


  1. Rice and water as needed
  2. Pudina leaves
  3. Toor dal
  4. Black pepper
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Dried cloves
  7. Bay leaves
  8. Cashew nuts
  9. Asfoetida powder
  10. Dried grapes
  11. Carrot
  12. Beans
  13. Capsicum
  14. Green peas
  15. Salt to taste
  16. Coriander powder
  17. Urad dal
  18. Gingely oil

You can buy all of these items from grocery and vegetable shops.

Cooking Directions

  1. Wash rice in water and keep it ready.
  2. Take a deep-bottomed vessel suitable for use in a pressure cooker.
  3. Put toor dal followed by black pepper, cinnamon, dried cloves, bay leaves, cashew nuts, capsicum, carrot and beans in this order.
  4. Sprinkle asfoetida powder over this.
  5. Gently cover that with washed rice.
  6. Add half the salt over the rice.
  7. Pour water up to the level that the rice will rise when it is cooked.
  8. Place the vessel in the cooker and get it cooked.
  9. Heat some gingely oil on a frying pan.
  10. Put urad dal in simmer flame and wait till the dal is golden brown.
  11. Add coriander powder followed by the rice from the pressure cooker.
  12. Add the remaining salt and mix the rice gently.
  13. Turn off the flame and serve on a plate.


You can use any combination of vegetables, spices and other items to suit your taste. The taste and aroma of the dish will vary accordingly. So, long as everything is cooked along with the rice inside a pressure cooker, it should be the healthiest food that can be made from those ingredients. You may have tried kichidi, biriyani, pulao, bisi bele bath, lemon rice, tamarind rice, or cocunut rice before but they are no competition to my Hot Pudina Rice as the cooking procedure is very simple. It is arguably the best dish that you can make with items that you already have in your kitchen with the least amount of effort.