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How To Invest In Stocks
A plain-English guide to investing in the stockmarket

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The first edition of this book (written in 2003) was about investing in the Indian stockmarket but it remained popular around the world. This was because it:

While this completely revised second edition retains this original premise, it also has a global focus, updated information and new chapters.

DISCLAIMER: Although this book does show how to buy/sell stocks online, the stock trading provider you finally choose will have the best guide to their service. This book has a broader perspective.

NOTE: You can pay with Indian rupees for the paperback at If you go to Amazon India, choose the lowest price option there as they have some third-party sellers who sell at exorbitant prices.

Download first-edition ebook

If you are unable to buy the second edition, you can download this free PDF ebook of the first edition. It is a bit outdated but it has the basics covered in very simple English.

32 pages, (1.1 MB)

Here is one reader's comment, for the first edition, that is:

I recently came across your eBook "How to Invest In Stocks", and just wanted to let you know I think it is a very well written introduction into the markets!

Although your book obviously in tune with your home market in India, it still works very well for any market around the world (I work in both UK and France). I wish I had come across your paper many years ago! It's a great read..

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