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Learn To Ride A Motorcycle In Five Minutes
::: by V. Subhash :::
A 'how to ride a motorbike' tutorial for those who can ride a scooter

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Of course, you can learn to ride a motorbike in five minutes! For most of my life, I did not know how to ride a motorbike. But, when I had to do, it took me only five minutes. On my first ride on my first bike, I travelled nearly 100 kilometres, across two cities and one national highway.

If you already know how to ride a motorized two-wheeler such as a scooter, then you know how to ride a motorcycle. Believe me. What you do not have is the mechanical knowledge of how a motorcycle has to be operated. This book will teach you that in an hour or less. Acquiring the skill takes less than five minutes and honing it will require a few weeks of practice.

This 34-page book with 24-pages of content is available from Amazon stores:

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