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Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks
::: Terrific Techniques To Take The Tedium Off Terminal Tasks :::

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This is a tips-and-tricks collection for Linux command-line warriors. Because of its ancient history, BASH scripting has some odd programming constructs that are difficult to memorize. This book also tries to provide a ready-reference for such archaic but crucial details.

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This meme video was created using a Linux BASH command. It is one of several examples used to illustrate the power of the command line.

ffmpeg -y -i Prime-Time.mp4 \
       -ss 0:43:51 -t 0:0:33 \
       -filter_complex "color=c=green:s=640x360[c];
                        [t3][v]overlay=0:55" \

Video demo

Here is how you can tweet from the command line.

Tweeting from the command line