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‘The Tall Tales Of Elephant & Ant’ book
Outrageously unbelievable tales told by two unlikely friends… enemies… frenemies!
:: Ólafía L. Óla ::

Book cover

From time unknown, Elephant and Ant stories have been popular with kids in Kerala. (There they are known as Aanayum Urumbum stories in the Malayalam language.)

The size difference between Ant and Elephant would make any friendship between them extremely unlikely but that is just the beginning. Sit back for a roller-coaster ride between myth and reality. All Elephant and Ant stories are tall tales. The more unbelievable the story is, the more funny it sounds.

In this book, you will read some old Elephant and Ant stories and some new ones. In the old stories, Elephant and Ant stories are friends. In the new ones, they are ‘frenemies‘ because it is not really clear if they are friends or enemies. Sometimes, it seems like Elephant is exaggerating everything out of proportion. At other times, it seems that Ant is really the naughty one.

Kindle ebook
(print replica)
Amazon₹75, $1
Full-colour paperbackAmazon$9

The print-replica ebook is available in Kindle Unlimited so that parents can review the book for free. (I do not sell ebooks for children.)

The paperback is a 24-page full-colour full-bleed large-print illustrated book. It will become available soon.

Some bonus material in the form of jokes from 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Kids/Everyone and puzzles from World Of Word Ladders are also included.

The 2020 jokebook has an entire chapter devoted for these jokes. That chapter has been made into this book with some new illustrations. This is my 24th title so far.