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Unlikely Stories
::: A novel anthology of horror & comedy stories by V. Subhash :::

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Unlikely Stories is an anthology of horror and comedy stories based on several real-life incidents that the author had encountered. After writing over two dozen exclusively non-fiction books, the author was forced by several governments to name this book as ‘Unlikely Stories’ and release it only as a fiction title (!) with a rather quaint description. Their verbatim copy follows:

Boy meets girl. Both fall in love. Boy proposes marriage. Girl postpones decision for one month. Girl gonna leave next day. Until then, boy tries to impress girl by telling stories — funny stories… scary stories… and all kinds in between. No worries. Everything ends well.

The stories were tough to come by. Having given up on fiction years ago, the young man had to marshal some old personal anecdotes, wild tales told by strangers, and even some vividly detailed nightmares for his first novel. Like a male Scheherazade, he somehow wove those yarns together. They also just about helped him bag his babe.

As a result, the stories are mostly supernatural/paranormal fantasies with ample doses of action, sci-fi, romance, horror and humour. The entire book is in first person and everything happens very fast. There is never a dull moment.

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This low-resolution watermarked but fully functional PDF has a few sample pages from the book. You can review the PDF before your purchase.

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Stories in the anthology

WARNING: The 1st edition has content toxic (… lots of unrestrained mansplaining that is very triggering) to woke individuals. If you are one, do not read it and be disappointed. Get the 2nd edition instead. It may be available in 2023. The woke-toxic content has been mostly removed to make room for new content, which is pure entertainment. ‘Mostly’ because I do not know or care for THE CURRENT THING.

2nd edition cover

Unlike the 1st edition which has 140 small grayscale page, the second edition has 150 bigger colour pages and lots more illustrations.