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Unlikely Stories
::: A novel anthology of horror & comedy stories by V. Subhash :::

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Boy meet girl. Both fall in love. Boy proposes marriage. Girl postpones decision for one month. Girl say she leave next day. Until then, boy try impress girl by telling stories — funny stories… scary stories… and all kinds in between. No worries everything end well.

The stories were tough to come by. Having given up on fiction years ago, he had to marshall some old personal anecdotes, wild tales told by others, and even some vividly detailed nightmares for his first novel. Like a male Scheherazade, he wove these yarns together with humour. And, they just about managed to help him bag his babe. How good were the tales? What were they about? For all questions like that, you will have to read the book.

Well, there is an exorcism, a haunted lift, a werewolf… all of them supernatural paranormal urban-fantasy stories.

EbookAmazon₹70, $3

Sample Pages

This low-resolution watermarked but fully functional PDF has a few sample pages from the book. You can review the PDF before your purchase.

30 pages with watermarks | 1.8 MB MB

This PDF contains a few pages of word ladders that are available as bonus content in the paperback (but not in the ebook).

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