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Vastu Shastra Explained
::: by V. Subhash :::
A plain-English Vástu Śastra building-architecture guide

Book cover of 'Vastu Shastra Explained'

Vastu Shastra Explained is a plain-English Vástu Śastra building-architecture guide for those who wish to draw their own Vastu-compliant house plans.

Most of those who build a house will do so only once in their lifetime. For this reason, it needs to be done right the first time. Even if you do not believe in traditional sciences like Vastu, you might still want to follow its recommendations just for the peace of mind. For the author, Vastu is a collection of time-tested architectural best-practices that would be too good ignore. This book:

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Table of Contents

Excerpts PDF With Bonus English Translation Of Vastu Vidya

Because of the book seller's restriction on including public domain content, I am unable to provide the English translation of the Vastu Vidya sections of Matsya Purana in the book that is on sale. However, it is included in this free sample of the book. Feel free to download and print the pages.

24 pages | full-color | includes TOC and bonus Vastu Vidya translation | 3 MB

This sample is a low-resolution watermarked PDF but it is fully functional. The Vastu Vidya pages are not watermarked but it was scanned from an ancient copy of an ancient book.

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