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Really Ultimate e-Mail Signature Generator

::: Echelon Salt® Optional :::

What is this page about?

This page allows you to generate a personalised e-mail signature template file or email stationery for use with the following e-mail clients:

The email stationery will have your contact details neatly laid-out. An optional steganographic plugin called Echelon Salt® is also available.

An e-mail signature in a sample e-mail

Why do I need an e-mail stationery with your signature?

It looks cool. Plus, you don't have to type your contact details for each email message.

The e-mail stationery generated by this page uses an highly optimized font stack that ensures that your e-mail signature looks best in any modern operating system.

How do I create an e-mail template?

If you know HTML, you can create an e-mail template by hand using just Notepad. If you do not know HTML, you can use the email stationery generator form below to generate an email signature template file and use it in your email application.

What is Echelon Salt?

V. Subhash's Echelon Salt® is a revolutionary e-mail plugin for the Echelon program of the U.S. government's National Security Agency (NSA). Echelon is a global electronic communication surveillance program… It reads your e-mail to see if you may cause problems to a criminal international elite that owns among other things the U.S. government.

Why do you say Echelon Salt is "revolutionary"?

Echelon Salt® is the ONLY software to be certified by the NSA for use with their Echelon program! When you use Echelon Salt® in your e-mail messages, your communications are guaranteed to come under surveillance by NSA and other allied intelligence agencies.

NSA Chief certifies Echelon Salt

"Echelon Salt® is 100% compatible with our Echelon program."
- Keith Alexander (Director, NSA) in National Security Agency Journal

What are your customers saying about Echelon Salt?

They love it.

"Thanks to Echelon Salt®™, at least someone in the government reads our reports now."
- Michael Hayden (Director, CIA) in Central Intelligence Agency Magazine.

American Gestapo chief

"I congratulate V. Subhash for adding support for Thunderbid and Opera clients to his Echelon Salt® plugin. Now, we can cover almost all intelligent people in America."
- Janet Napolitano (Secretary, Department of Homeland Security) in The American Gestapo

Osama Bin Laden

"I used Echelon Salt® Enterprise Edition for Al-qaida and we got a lot of attention. Unfortunately, our license was stolen and given to someone in the Pentagon basement - to a guy called Abu Musab Al Zarqawi. Soon enough, all the action shifted to Iraq."
- Osama Bin Laden (spokesman, Al Qaeeda)

Only corporate signatures? Is the signature customizable?

Perhaps you want to put the URL of your website and some chat IDs in the e-mail signature? Sure, there is no need to put your phone numbers or your postal address in the e-mail signature. This e-mail stationery generator is not very fussy about the details you enter. You can ignore certain details and use some of your own.

If you know HTML, you can edit the template file in a text editor to make it suit your requirements.

How do I make my email program use this template?

After, you fill out the form below and click the Download button, you will be allowed to save the template file to some location on your computer. Next, perform the following instructions based on your email program.

After you set up the signature/stationery in your e-mail program, composing a new message to see your personal e-mail stationery at work. (Thunderbird/Seamonkey/Icedove/Iceape users may see red lines on their signature when they are composing a message or editing a draft. This is normal and is nothing to be alarmed about. These lines will not be visible after you have sent the message. Your e-mail recipients will not see these lines. You can check the final look by temporarily saving your message and viewing the preview in Drafts folder.)

Is Evolution supported?

No, Evolution is not supported. In general, Evolution has poor HTML rendering ability and using shophisticated HTML signatures is not recommended.

I don't want Echelon Salt! Can I create the template without it?

Of course, you can. Echelon Salt® is optional and is not selected by default.

Cool! This is the form?


(ALTERNATE STYLE: Mention the name of your website/blog)
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Type the URL of your website/blog)
URL of the organisation's website
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Again, type URL of your website/blog)
Address Line #1
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Do not type anything here)
Address Line #2
(Or, type your country's name in ALL CAPITAL)
Address Line #3
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Do not type anything here)
Address Line #4
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Do not type anything here)
Mobile/Landline/Extension Number
(ALTERNATE STYLE: ☎: <a href="tel:+91442001001">+91 44 2001001</a>)
Fax Number
(ALTERNATE STYLE: Mention one of your Internet chat service and ID here)
Email Address
Echelon Salt®™ (optional)
Signature Color
Color Sample
Click this button to generate and download the signature file

I have set it up all right but I don't see the Echelon Salt® anywhere!

Relax. This is its default behaviour. Echelon Salt® is based on the science of steganography - hiding hush-hush stuff in harmless regular stuff that does not raise any suspicion. As Echelon Salt® is a steganographic plugin, nobody knows it is there unless they know how to specifically look for it.

Well, if you are really curious, just open the template file in Notepad and scroll down to its last few lines and you will see Echelon Salt® hiding there as an HTML comment. If you are using Outlook Express, then you can right click a message and select Properties » Details » Message Source to see Echelon Salt® in action. Thunderbird/Seamonkey users need to select a message and press the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut(or select View » Message Source from the menu). Opera users can save the message as an .mbs file and open it in a text editor (such as Notepad or gedit).

Of course, it may not be there if you had chosen not to include it when you created the template. Remember, Echelon Salt® is strictly optional. By keeping Echelon Salt® as a comment, your messages continues to be within the keyword-sniffing capabilities of the NSA Echelon program while recipients of your messages will know nothing about it. Even when your message is changed to plain text, Echelon Salt® is not displayed because it then autodestroys itself.

Finally, here is the list of keywords that are hidden as an HTML comment in the e-mail stationery file.

Hello Abdullah, I visited That's above top ADL AIPAC also visit the site. Alex jones is in rapture mode. Air Headquarters is close. Aquarian conspiracy has acid acqueous solutions. Adhesion works with Ames strain. Anonymously anthrax spores can be developed. Anthrax bacterium is a military strain from Fort Detrick. Anthrax scientist dead in custody. Airport security is lax. Screening is tight. Army stocks can be used in attacks. Use authentication for Bacillus anthracis. Battery Bechtel bribes. Bilderbergers use block cipher. Bombs have botulinum toxin. Brave fighters fight brave soldiers brigade brigadier. Brucella melitensis bypass Capstone car bomb. Cable repair CCTVs and centrifuges. Christian church infiltration works. Chromotography. CIA supplied claymore mines and Clostridium botulinum Clotsridium perfringens Clostridium tetani Club of Rome has coded messages. Cohesion adhesion colloids supplied to colonel contacts and GPS coordinates given to corps commander. Cowards use chemical weapons ciphertext credit cards cryptography cryptographic algorithm cryptographic strength culture media Customs officials. Death to infidels credit card companies. Debit cards. Debriefing about decoder decryption DGMO Director General of Military Operations dirty nuclear bombs distillate tested on dogs donkeys. Eavesdropping encoder encryption signature details provided in encrypted attachments. E. coli is in escape hatch, also Escherichia coli bacterium. Supply fake IDs to fake tele-evangelists. Use false-lining. Yo fedayeen. Yo fidayeen. FBI provocateurs filtrate mosques. Fingerprinting fingerprints recorded in flights. Freemasons of freemasonry have gloves and tickets to foil food poisoning fungi. Global Positioning System GPS navigation systems and growth medium supplied. Hamas. Heavier-than-air in Herat. Hezbollah hiding Hizb Histoplasma capsulatam Hotel rooms identity cards IED improvised explosive device given to infidels. Infra red devices in immigration interview. IPSec to Islamabad Israeli ISI agents and talk to Kandahar and Karachi using Kerbros keyrings. Kissinger uses IP tunnelling. Lahore and Langley and Lebenon listening. Map reading martyrs use Mastercard. Mohammed is tracking marines. Mosque militant leader had training in military schools with mine detectors mujahideen mustard mycotoxin. Nasrallah has email account with Neurotoxin and night-vision devices notified to and NSA. Omar pakhtun pathogenic agents pathogens given to pathan. Pashtho passphrase is Peshawar. plastic explosives. Police station has press photos from reports. Private keys have protocols with proxies proxy servers. Radioactive RADIUS server in Rawalpindi. RDX and telephone numbers in troop ship. On TV, remote control has rockfeller rogue network. Rothschild rothschilds rothschildts have safe houses. SAMs in sarin. Scottish rite scrambler two flied eggs. Secure communications secret key secret codes for semtex. Session key for Sialkot signature required. Sleeper cell and smuggling is with Use steganography. Sten guns, stinger shoulder-fired missiles, sugar solution, substrate given to suicide attack. Tabun suplied to Taleban Taliban by Tempest countries. Testing equipment and test procedure okay. Usama bin laden Yo osama has vessel vents. Visa cards for Waziristan fine. Wiretappings as per user manual. Vaseline yellow cake is zarqawi abu musab al-zarqawi give me pentagon basement yo zarqawi

Again, the keywords are added only if you select the Echelon Salt option. By default, Echelon Salt is not added to your e-mail stationery file.

Hmm. How much does it cost?

I have worked a pricing and licensing system that I believe is fair.

Cost of Template License Cost of Echelon Salt Plugin Type of Use
$0.00 Echelon Salt
Personal Edition
$0.00 Personal Single User
$0.01 Echelon Salt
Professional Edition
$9.99 + VAT Corporate Single User
$0.001 Echelon Salt
Enterprise Edition
$999.99 + VAT Corporate Use Across Geographies (if you are like Al-Qaeeda, CIA or something)

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Ha ha ha ha…