Need free Amazon book reviews?

I will do it if your ebook belongs to non-fiction and is clean. You do not have to spend money on anything.

UPDATE: I have decided not do any reviews because I want to limit all time spent staring at the screens of computers, tablets or TVs.

Writers are spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns in the hopes of getting book reviews. Even if I could afford them, I would not spend money on them. I have a huge backlist and I have made a few books free. These do bring in reviews and ratings but the process has a glacial speed and is unpredictable. Sometimes, I make a paid ebook temporarily free in the Kindle Select program (Kindle Unlimited for readers) and then announce it on Reddit. That is all the marketing I do. I suggest other authors do the same. Free promotions do not guarantee reviews or ratings but it ensures the ebook gets a rank and does not fade into obscurity. Over time, the book will slowly start to sell more copies.

Free ebook promotion

If you are a NON-FICTION AUTHOR, just make your ebook temporarily free for a few days, as part of a Kindle Unlimited/Select promotion. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR BOOK. If I like your book, I will publish a review (4-star or 5-star). If I don't like your book, I will not publish anything. Email me only when your ebook is free to buy in the Kindle program and do not check up after that. I would like to take my sweet time reading books and writing reviews.

Free reviews and ratings

I have a lot of interests and hobbies. I have written books on those hobbies/interests that I thought could be of interest to others. After 29 books, of which only two are fiction (one is a old fables collection), I have nothing more to write. I think I can learn new things from books that others have written. To indulge in this (expensive) habit, I am planning on publishing book reviews. I am a technical writer. I can read and understand anything.

Excuse me!

I do not want to waste my time on anything promoting the agenda of

  • war-mongers, nation-busters, globalists, communists, socialists, fascists
  • leftists, liberals, progressives, feminists or
  • gender-appropriators or wokesters.

I do not want to read any

  • ARCs (Advanced Review Copies),
  • self-help books
  • religious books
  • children's books
  • low-content books
  • sponsored books (shilling diets, pills, etc.)
  • fiction.
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