All videos now on! No more Youtube!

All videos available on now. No more Youtube.

All past and future videos will be available at:

… because the life forms running Theytube are beyond ridicule.

  • Susan something of Youtube takes advantage of a blind girl to give Award for Free Expression (sponsored by Youtube) 📺
  • “EEV Blog — The Pressure Youtubers Are Under” 📺
  • “Naomi ‘Sexy Cyborg’ Wu — YouTube Cheats Its Creators- and I Can Prove It” 📺
  • “Youtube is a willing enabler of and profiteer from video piracy – Google Cloud hosts tons of pirated movies and sites faster than Youtube”
  • “Thank you, Carlos Maza, for preventing Google from ever again fooling millennials with false promises of making money off YouTube videos”
  • "So many people don't share Google's values!" 📺

UPDATE (28-Oct-2022): I have replaced all TheyTube videos on this website (including this blog) with Rumble videos.

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