'Vastu Shastra Explained' book published

Full-color paperback!

Woman reading 'Vastu Shastra Explained' paperback

My book Vastu Shastra Explained paperback has been published. I have included six sample Vastu-compliant house plans (for traditional Kerala-style houses) in the book. In two paperbacks, an English translation of an abstract of Vastu Vidya has been added as annexure. An abstract of Vastu Vidya is available as a free PDF download. It is an English translation of an abstract of Vastu Shastra found in the public-domain off-copyright Matsya Puranam.

Paperback (colour) $11
Paperback (grayscale) $9
Kindle ebook $6

The ebook is also available on other digital stores such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd and Vivlio. The ebook can also be borrowed for a fraction of this price from public and school libraries.


Table of Contents

  • Chapters
    • Sources of Vāstu Śastra
      • History of Vaastu Devata
    • Vāstu Śastra recommendations
      • Vāstu Mandala chart
      • Main entrance
      • Rooms
      • Trees
    • Other Vāstu Śastra considerations
      • Room dimensions
      • Five elements
      • Directions
      • Central area
    • Modern Vāstu interpretations
      • Kubera position
      • Water sources
      • Workplace
      • South-West corner
      • Staircases
      • Slope of floors and pipes
      • Bathroom and toilets
      • Septic tank
      • Ambiguous/conflicting interpretations
    • Non-Vāstu considerations
  • Annexures
    • Traditional Kerala-style house plans
    • 4-BHK Vāstu house plan for East-facing plot
    • 3-BHK Vāstu house plan for North-facing plot
    • 3-BHK Vāstu house plan for West-facing plot
    • 3-BHK House plan for South-facing plot
    • Naalukettu (four-sided) house plan
    • Two-storey tiled house with thattil
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