Celebrating one year in self-publishing with 20 titles

By making the ebook of my best-selling title free

In February of last year, I self-published a subset of my 2020 jokebook with Amazon.com. In my first year, I have written 23 books and published 20 of them. (One was held up by Amazon for some reason and two were never submitted.) A computer title FFMPEG Quick Hacks has been the most popular and profitable book in my book list. I had planned to release the ebook free after one year (in April 2021) but I have decided to release it early to celebrate one year in publishing. I have been busy writing books that I have not been blogging much. I am currently making some updates to my last book Linux Command-Line Tips & Tricks. After that, I will take a break from writing.

CORRECTION: I finished my first year in publishing with 21 books because Humorous Tweets Of Chairman Mao v2021 was eventually published on other non-Amazon ebook stores.

UPDATE (April 2021): KDP approved the book after a manual review. The second coffee-table book is now available on Amazon.

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