'2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone' paperback published on Amazon

Priced at $9 for a limited time before moving to $11 (a higher price is required for offline sales).

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Finally, my book 2020 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone has been published. I had wasted more than half a year waiting for a traditional publisher. There is a silver lining to it because one traditional publisher told me to split the book. Now, I have one subset of the book exclusively for children, instead of targeting all age groups with one book.

2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Everyone
2020 Fresh Clean Jokes
For Kids
Buy from Amazon

Buy from Amazon
Assures2020 original jokes
Contains3100+ jokes in total2200+ jokes in total
ContainsFull bookTwo-third
Targets20 and aboveAges 10-19
Politically hotIncludedNot included
EbookWill not be published
The older subset 400 Fresh Clean Jokes For Everyone is available separately for FREE or $0.99.
Paperback price$12.00$10.00

This was my first book. I wrote, illustrated, formatted and designed this and all subsequent books using free and open source software (FOSS). I did not spend a dime on anything other than Internet and electricity. I used these software:

  • Eclipse/Gedit
  • MarkDown/CommonMark
  • KHTMLToPDF (After I formatted the HTML output using my own CSS.)
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Itext
  • ImageMagick
  • Calibre

I also used free fonts from the Google Fonts archive. I did use you some paid fonts from a Broderbund font package I bought many years ago. It had thousands of fonts and cost almost nothing.

This was all done on a laptop running Ubuntu Linux OS. I did not export the books from MS Word.

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